Want Access To 10 Life Leveling Up & Empowerment Goodies That Will Help You Jump Start 2021 With More Intention?

Imagine… You Finally Being Able To

  • “Embrace & love your feminine power & sensual energy without shame or guilt”

  • "Setting your intention for your desires, clarifying your core values & self-confidence”

  • “Break up with your people-pleasing, perfectionist & hopeful nice girl syndrome once and for all”

  • "Cultivate & create healthy relationships with yourself & others by setting healthier boundaries”

  • "Clarify the ideal lifestyle & goals you're desiring and deciding what you get to create at this moment."

  • "Create space for magnetizing your ideal reality with clarity, confidence & courage!


“I was able to identify areas in my life which were serving as energy zappers & that were draining me and preventing me from moving forward with my goals. I love that the content given can be used and revisited in the future and I'm now creating my best life. Menellia was incredibly sweet and such a good listener, incredibly down to earth and so much fun to work with!”

Ava - Saint Lucia

“1,000,000 thank yous are in order for helping me to recondition MY mind in making moves for MYSELF. Sometimes we get so engrossed in the pursuit of our vision that we often neglect ourselves! I've been able to make some amazing life-changing decisions post working with Menellia and I'm really excited!”

Mandisa - Saint Lucia

“Thanks for refreshing my energy and awakening my motivation again, when I hear you I release all the bad and I cling to your word of love. A great pleasure to have spoken to you today and hope to meet you in person in the future. ”

Annet Bayot - Venezuela

“Menellia provides you with the tools you need to not only realise your goals but to create an action plan to make them happen.”


“Wow these past 48 hours have been pretty intense for me..Lots of tears, reflection, journaling..I’m getting more clarity on my true desires (not what is popular to do or to have in order to be considered successful). I also see what is blocking me from living the life that I want. Yes feeling out of alignment feels HORRIBLE. I’m happy I have released a lot of frustration. I’m ready to create success in my life, my own sweet way. ”

Binetou Diagne - Senegal

You Will Receive Immediate Access To

  • 1

    Welcome To The Salon.

    • Le Concierge - Start Here

    • The Art Of Elegant Success Masterclass

    • 10 questions to reset yourlife workbook.

  • 2

    The Disempowered Femme Breakdown

    • Broken Femme 1 - The Hopeful Nice Girl

    • Understanding The Hopeful Nice Girl Archetype

    • Broken Femme 2 - The Exhausted People Pleaser

    • Understanding The Exhausted People Pleaser Archetype.

    • BONUS Video - Identifying Your Top 5 Baggages

    • The Detox Femme Playguide

  • 3

    Bonus Live Coaching Replays

    • Soiree 1 || Creating A Change Mindset

    • Soiree 2 || A Discovery Guide To More Joy

    • Soiree 3 || Overcoming A Victim Mentality

    • Soiree 4 || Anger Bitterness & Resentment is killing your vibe. #raiseyourvibration

    • Bonus Soiree - On Perfectionism

    • Soiree 5 - Putting On Your Oxygen Mask

    • Soiree 6 || "This Class Is FIRE" || Cut The Crap & Claim Your Power!

  • 4

    The Self Reflection & Alignment Salon

    • Bonjour To Life Manifesto_Menellia Valcent (2)

    • The Life Elevation Book List

    • Self Reflection Salon - How To Use

    • Self Reflection - Grounding Meditation

    • Self Reflections -Bonus Journal Prompt Questions

    • Self Reflection - Printable Journal

    • Passion Activation Guide - How To Use.

    • Passion Activation Guide - PDF

    • Printable Goal Crushing Planner

  • 5

    Mini Course - Passion, Purpose & Curiosity To Thrive

    • Le Concierge.

    • The Series Playbook

    • Salon 1 - Tapping Into Your Passion

    • Salon 2 - Calling In Your Purpose

    • Salon 3 - Embracing Curiosity

    • Salon 4 - Taking Aligned Action

    • Salon 5 - Leveling Up Your Power

  • 6

    A Discovery Guide To A Joyous Life

    • The Audio

    • The PDF Guide


These Trainings Were Recorded Or Created In A High Vibe & Potent Energetic Space & Not Only Will Guide You Into Releasing The Blocks And Drains In Our Life, Getting Clear On Your Ideal Life, Bringing In The Joy & Energy Back Into Your Life, But Will Provide You With Practical Steps To Take Consistent Action In Order To Be A Vibrational Match For The Life You Want.

Questions You Might Have About The Salon.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The salon is a ONE TIME access pass. Upon enrollment, you will receive immediate access to the trainings.

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    After enrolling, you have LIFETIME unlimited access to this content for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.. You may also choose to download and save to your personal drive if you choose to.

  • What if I don't like the salon?

    I do not think you are going to want a refund to Le Salon, This salon/course is 100% digital so there are no refunds. I do this for a few reasons. I believe commitment and follow-through create momentum. I’ve also found that people who don’t have the option to back out of their commitments get better results. Also, my digital delivery enables me to help you move forward and get started on your goals quickly (like right away!). So - if you’re committed, go ahead and RSVP. If you’re NOT committed to changing your life and elevating your mindset, you can still enroll - but there are still no refunds! :)”

  • Can you guarantee specific results?

    I love this space and fully believe in the principles in it. The praise on this page is from real live people who have worked with me in various capacities and gotten incredible results. However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with the content, I can not guarantee results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

  • By purchasing this course, you agree to these terms & conditions.